Sharon Collins - Artist

Sharon Collins, Artist
fibre, quilt art, watercolour, mixed media, stained glass

Artist’s Statement

"We live in a stressful fast paced world and I work in a rewarding, but stressful field. The resilience of the human spirit continues to amaze me. The patterns and stages of our lives as they unfold are intriguing. I have an inherent creative impulse, which I have expressed through different mediums over the years. The detailed steps in creating ART Glass and fibre art are similar, and have been therapeutic to me. One has to slow down and pay attention to the details. Just as each step in our lives is important, the detailed process is important in my art. The tactile nature of fibre has made it a very compatible medium for my artistic expression and is my current medium of choice.

My inspirations are often external; the beauty of a reflection, the long shadow in fading light, a child’s smile. Often inspirations come from an internal emotional place. There are times as well when one particular fabric will be the inspiration for piece. I strive to create a mood in my landscapes, both real and imagined. My artistic expression is an integral part of my being."


Sharon Collins grew up in rural Quebec. She attended university in Ottawa and obtained her medical degree and specialty in internal medicine in 1977.She then practiced medicine in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, and raised a family with her husband. She now lives in Arnprior, Ontario. Her zeal for artistic expression began in university with painting. In the 1990’sshe explored art glass. Her commissioned work can be seen in the Trinity United Church, the Monnette funeral home and private residences in Kirkland Lake, Toronto and Arnprior.

Being coerced to attend a quilting class in 1996was a catalyst for what has become an unquenchable passion for creating fibre art. Sharon’s work is primarily landscape, both real and imagined, with a focus on mood and colour. Her work has been juried into local, national and international Shows. Dr. Collins’ art can be seen in collections both private and permanent, as well as business offices.



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