Sharon Collins - Artist

Make the Pain Go Away, 36x24

Tripper, 26x30

Sesame, 38x46

Dragonflies, 26x28

Winter came too soon, 2012, 27x27

My Mothers Garden

Bathroom Installation

Bar Installation


Study in blue and red

En Guarde


Reflection 2


Hope, 21x27

Fade to White, 36x40

Pilgrimage, 23x26

Storm Coming, 18x24

Whispers of Spring, 12x12

Summer Hills, 2013, 34x20

Fall Fields, 2013, 34x20

Violet views, 2012, 33x27

The Pond,28x48

Redscape, 2012, 41x20

Maple Hill, 29x28

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